MaoMao was rescued from the White Building, where she was abandoned by her previous owners. She and two other female cats were nursing 6 tiny kittens. Until today, we are not sure which kitten belongs to which mom. They were very sweet, helping each other raising their kittens!


MaoMao is a shy cat. If you have visitors, she will most likely be hiding. She needs some time to feel safe and trust new humans around her, but once she does, she likes to be petted. She enjoys observing, rather than playing or exploring. She gets along well with Chamruen and both would be a great pair together. She has a little kitten, called Barney, which is very needy and only feels safe when staying around her.

Things to consider

MaoMao needs a quiet home. She feels safer having a cat around she knows. Chamruen or Barney would be a great option, if adopting two cats.