Meeko and Felix

Meeko and Felix


Meeko and Felix were rescued from the soon to be demolished White Building along with several other cats and kittens. Unfortunately, his owners abandoned them all, so now both are looking for a loving forever home that will give these two a chance of a happy and comfortable life. They are both healthy, had all necessary medical treatments and are ready for immediate adoption.


Meeko (ginger-white) is very curious and likes to explore. He loves to cuddle at night, chase mosquitos and bugs, and gently waking you in the morning. Felix (white-tabby) is quiet and calm. He is happy just sitting at the window and watching the world go by. He waits patiently for you, if not around and at night, he will sleep as closely to you as somewhat possible.

Together, they play fight, cuddle and groom each other.

Things to consider

Meeko and Felix are a great match together!