Mona and Charlie

Mona and Charlie


Mona and Charlie are a mother-son pair found abandoned in the busy lanes of Tonle Bassac. An ARC volunteer was able to give them temporary shelter for the past few months, but given the animal welfare needs in the city, it was a full-house at their temporary place of care. This took a particular toll on young Charlie, who was only a tiny kitten when he arrived. Regularly set upon by the other cats in his temporary home, Charlie had no option except to spend much of his time isolated from the clowder, with few other cats than Mona for company. As a consequence, Charlie’s socialisation was delayed and Mona, too, missed out on the attention she deserved.

Mona and Charlie have unfortunately been tested positive for FIV, significantly reducing their chance of adoption. FIV is a manageable disease, though, and these animals can still live long and happy lives.

What is FIV? Cats suffering from Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) may live without symptoms for many years. However, once infected, most eventually have a deterioration of immune function and increased risk of infections. Shelters in many countries often euthanize FIV-positive cats because rehoming them remains a challenge.

It is really important to note that FIV is NOT transmitted to humans. The virus is spread from cat to cat, primarily by biting.


ARC has been working with a foster family to prepare Charlie and Mona for their forever home. They have thrived in the foster setting and are ready for adoption! This duo has proved to be easy-going, friendly and sociable. With more life experience, Mona is the more confident of the two, showing Charlie the ropes in a new setting. She makes herself at home in new environments with no hassle and is quick to display affection. Charlie is following in his Mom’s footsteps. He takes a bit more time to take in his surroundings, but once he is comfortable, Charlie reveals a playful and sunny disposition.

Things to consider

Mona and Charlie are available for adoption as a pair only. Mona and Charlie will continue to flourish in an environment that is sensitive to their past experiences: too rambunctious of a surrounding will send Charlie cowering in a hiding place, while a calm daily life will give them the assurance they need to come into their own. A quiet household during the day will allow them to recharge their batteries ahead of some quality time together in the evenings. Both benefit from some personalised attention. For Mona, this might mean a gentle brush of the coat, while Charlie is keen to test out his latest theories on how to secure some under-the-chin scratching. They enjoy playtime – both among themselves and with their foster carers – but they are just as happy to idle away quietly in your presence. Simply put, effortless companionship.

FIV: What does all this mean for their adopters? Supportive care and treatment of signs

Supportive care and treatment of signs are important. A healthy and balanced diet, as well as regular health check-ups, are key to the well-being of these animals. They should not be exposed to other cats and should not be let outside.