Oscar was found at a Pagoda by one of our volunteers. He was terribly malnourished and had badly infected eyes that were so bad that he was scheduled to have an operation. After round the clock care with hourly eye drops, Oscar responed so well to the treatment that he didn’t have to have an operation after all. Within just a couple of weeks, Oscar’s eyesight returned in both eyes and now he can see clearly.


Oscar is very playful and affectionate. He loves being around people, relaxing on the sofa and receiving cuddles! Growing up with us here at ARC from such a tiny kitten has made Oscar the perfect companion for the right loving forever home. He loves playing with toys, but doesn’t like to share them with other cats. However, he is ok with other cats in the same household.

Things to consider

Oscar loves other cats, so please consider offering a home to one of his friends here. If you already have cats or dogs, then Oscar will fit in really well.